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Mysuru is one of the most important tourist centers of India. Mysuru is also known as Palace City of India. The Mysuru Palace in the city is the most visited place in India, beating Red Fort, Qutb Minar and the Taj Mahal in 2006. The New York Times recently listed Mysuru as one of the 31 must-see places on Earth for two consecutive years.


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Mysuru City is located in the middle of a large tourism hotspot in South India. Also it’s pretty close the tourism attractions of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

You can easily use Mysuru as the springboard to explore the neighbouring districts and states. Be it Coorg, Wayanad or Nilagiris and other districsts surroundings… Mysuru sits in a vantage point to access them all.


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Mysuru city which has emerged as favourite tourist destination, has registered a tremendous growth in the hospitality industry in the past three years. The city added more than 40 hotels including 16 high end ones in this period. The city is now one of the  most desired destinations as it can accommodate a common man, a budget traveller and even a diplomat in its hotels.

In addition to this, the city has a good number of eateries that serve a variety of food from traditional to Continental both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.



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